State Legislation Tracker

Up-to-the-minute tracking of legislation affecting LGBTQ+ people

We use technology combined with our policy expertise to monitor important state legislation affecting LGBTQ+ Americans. Further down on this page you’ll find important federal legislation, court cases, and ballot measures that could affect equality. From anti-LGBTQ+ bills to bans on conversion therapy we are prepared to fight alongside our state partners and meet every new challenge head on.

State LGBTQ+ related bills we’re tracking

Click on your state below to see all the bills we’re tracking there, or select an issue you care about for a picture of where legislation is moving across the country. We do not list bills as positive or negative because we defer to our member organizations on the ground. The bills listed on this page are those that impact the LGBTQ+ community in one way or another. If you would like to see specific good or bad bills in your state, please go to our Members page and find the member organization in your state.

National Updates

We monitor and track important federal legislation, court cases, rule changes, and ballot measures when LGBTQ+ lives will be affected. Learn more about the moments we’re monitoring.

Equality Act

Update 5/17/19: the Equality Act passed the House. Now we’re taking the fight to the Senate.On March 13, 2019 bipartisan members of Congress introduced the Equality Act, which would update federal law to include express and enduring nondiscrimination protections for Americans based on sexual orientation and gender identity across virtually every area of daily life.

2020 Legislative Session Recap

The 2020 legislative session has been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the current coronavirus crisis, many state legislatures have either suspended session or are focusing primarily on pandemic relief bills.

Title VII Supreme Court Cases

On October 8 the U.S. Supreme Court heard three cases about LGBTQ employment discrimination that will determine if federal law protects LGBTQ people.

Trump’s Health and Human Services Rule Change

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) submitted a proposed rule to the Office of Management and Budget for review on Oct. 4, 2019. The rule is titled “Ensuring Equal Treatment for...

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