3/9 EqFed's List: Important Legislation to Watch

March 9, 2022

Last week we witnessed increased activity as many legislatures hurtle through crossover dates towards sine die. Illinois is coming into the week with bills expanding gender options in higher ed, decriminalizing fentanyl test strips and other testing supplies, funding a Black-led BioMed resource hub for HIV, repealing monetary sanctions for juvenile offenders, and expunging drug offenses all crossing over.

We also witnessed an increase in signed athlete bills, healthcare bans, and curriculum/parental rights bills crossing over. 

Upcoming Hearings:

8 March

  • AZ HB2161 (parental rights) - Senate Ed @ 14:00 UMST
  • TN HB0800 (curriculum/don’t say gay) - House Finance @ 15:00 CST
  • TN HB2633 (misgendering) - House K-12 Subcmte @ 16:30 CST

9 March

  • AZ SB1138 (healthcare ban) - House Jud @ 8:00 UMST
  • TN SB2696 (healthcare ban) - Senate Health @ 15:00 CST

Here are Some Important Bills to Watch This Week: 

IL HB4265 would require that, beginning with the 2022-2023 academic year, all documents and forms, including applications for admission, issued by a public institution of higher education offer a student the option to select "non-binary" if the document or form asks the student to identify the student's gender or biological sex. This bill would take effect immediately if passed.

IL HB4556 would amend the Overdose Prevention and Harm Reduction Act. This bill would allow a pharmacist or physician to dispense drug adulterant testing supplies, such as reagents, test strips, or quantification instruments, to any person. With the increase in access, this bill would also make any record of a person that is created or obtained for use by a needle and hypodermic syringe access program or by a pharmacy, hospital, clinic, or other health care facility or medical office in connection with the dispensing of drug adulterant testing supplies confidential.

IL HB5549 would amend the African-American HIV/AIDS Response Act. Through the African-American HIV/AIDS Response Fund, this bill aims to create and maintain at least one Black-led Center of Excellence HIV Biomedical Resource Hub for every $3,000,000 of available funding to improve Black health and eliminate Black HIV-related health disparities. 

To see a complete list of legislation we are tracking, head to our State Legislation Tracker, which monitors nationwide important state legislation affecting LGBTQ+ Americans.

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