Equality Federation Weekly Legislative Update: January 25

January 25, 2022

As our state partners head into the legislative session, we’re providing a weekly update of legislation to stay updated and informed. We track bills that impact the LGBTQ+ community and do not list bills as positive or negative because we defer to our member organizations on the ground.

Upcoming Hearings:

25 January 2022

  • MD HB209 (House Jud @ 1 PM EST) - repeal sodomy law
  • AZ HB2495 (House Ed HHR 4 @ 2 PM UMST) - adds homosexuality to school obscenity law
  • FL HB747 (House Prof & Pub Health @ 9AM EST) - medical conscience

Here are Some Important Bills to Watch This Week: 

 S6040, sponsored by Sen. Krueger, Sen. Breslin, and Sen. Savino, seeks to improve sex work legislation and prohibits the use of condoms, etc., as evidence of sex work. This bill would provide more protections for sex workers and make it harder to criminalize people based on allegations of sex work. 

SB1306 is a bill that seeks to decriminalize youth through sentencing. With this bill, sponsored by Sen. Quezada, Sen. Andrade, Sen. Hernandez, and Sen. Raquel Teran, judges would have to find alternatives to incarceration for youth. 

These two bills introduced in Tennessee would enforce gender assigned at birth rules for participation in team sports at schools at the middle school level and above. SB1862 is sponsored by Sen. Hensley, while Sen. Ragan and Sen. Lynn sponsor HB1894. 

This bill would allow students/parents to call for school personnel to be fired for saying anything that contradicts their religion. This bill follows recent legislation that seeks to limit curriculum regarding history that discusses race and racism. Sen. Standridge sponsors SB1470.

SB2307, sponsored by Sen. Simmons, seeks to prevent jurors from being removed based on the prospective juror's race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, religious affiliation, or the perceived membership of the prospective juror in any of those groups.

SB2310 is an omnibus bill that seeks to provide blanket discrimination protections. Sen. Simmons sponsors SB2310.

Other Bills to Keep Watch for: 

  • AZ SB1304 - Raises the age of legally defined as an adult to a person who is 22 years old, up from 18 years old. 
  • IL SB3209 - Amends the Pharmacy Practice Act, specifically the "practice of pharmacy" definition, to includePEP/PrEP access.
  • OK SB1654 - Would prevent surveys from inquiring about SOGI.

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