Advocacy & Civic
Engagement Program

Equality Federation works closely with our state partners, national partners, and other stakeholders to build an active base of LGBTQ+ supporters in every state to advance pro-LGBTQ+ policies and defeat anti-LGBTQ+ policies from the ground up.

Maximizing State Advocacy

Equality Federation leverages policy expertise and strong relationships with state partners to prepare for and respond to each legislative milestone along the way–from committee hearings to signing ceremonies.

Equality Federation tracks every piece of LGBTQ+-related legislation in the states—hundreds of bills each year—so we can provide advocates on the ground with the strategy sessions, organizing, messaging, communications, and policy resources they need.

Mobilizing People Power

We will win legal and lived equality for LGBTQ+ people by mobilizing more people than our movement has before. When people feel engaged with an organization they’re not only more likely to vote but also more likely to donate, take action, and volunteer. By engaging LGBTQ+ people and our supporters in voting, advocacy, and organizing, we have the opportunity to shift the balance of power at the local, state, and national levels to pro-equality majorities. We know that to make progress, we need strong, sustainable organizations with an active base engaged year-round, not just in the few weeks before an election.

Equality Federation is at the forefront in training and supporting LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations doing voter engagement, education, and turnout at the state level. We provide our entire member network of state partners with coaching, training, cutting-edge technology, and data tools so that leaders on the ground can maximize their impact. Through our Project Game Changer initiative, we’re building the power we need to win elections, win pro-equality policies, and win the intersectional, progressive agenda needed in all the communities we call home.

Setting the Agenda

In addition to policies that specifically address sexual orientation and gender identity, Equality Federation doesn’t shy away from tackling other critical and pressing issues that impact our communities. We work with our state partners to leverage LGBTQ+ advocacy power to end the criminalization of HIV/AIDS, address the needs of people living with HIV, and advance policies to end the epidemic. We are partnering with SAGE, the world’s largest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ older people, as well as our state partners, to ensure that low-income LGBTQ+ older adults have access to critical services guaranteed by the Older Americans Act (OAA).

While our priority is state policy, we play a critical role at the federal level by mobilizing our state partners and their supporters to advance priorities like the Equality Act. We also support our member organizations' work on a range of economic and racial justice policy priorities such as ending police violence and mass incarceration, making affordable health care and paid family leave available to all, and increasing the minimum wage.

Leadership & Organizational Development Program

Winning equality and justice is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why we prioritize developing strong, resilient, and adaptive leaders in powerful, sustainable organizations in the states. Because of our ongoing relationships with state leaders, we are able to provide tailored support that meets their individual needs and follow them as their organizations grow. We believe that racial justice is a critical area for growth for many organizations and leaders, and strive to integrate a racial equity perspective and strategy into all aspects of leadership and organizational development work.

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Want To Make A Difference? Support Our Work

With your support, we'll be able to continue our work to build the leaders of today and tomorrow, strengthen state-based LGBTQ+ organizations, and make critical progress on the issues that matter most—like protecting transgender people, ending HIV criminalization and ensuring access to care, and banning conversion therapy across the country.