Say Hello to Our Newest State Partner!

May 22, 2024

Our state partner network is growing, and we’re so excited to introduce you to our newest member: Lavender Rights Project!

Lavender Rights Project (LRP) elevates the power, autonomy, and leadership of the Black intersex & gender diverse community through intersectional legal and social services. They provide life-saving policy and social change advocacy, comprehensive care, and legal services to Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ individuals, with a particular emphasis on supporting Black trans communities. LRP’s three areas of impact (Gender Based Violence Prevention, Housing and Economic Justice) provide stability, joy, and safety for Black gender diverse people in Washington State and across the USA.

Lavender Rights Project proudly offers FREE affirming, supportive legal services for Black and Indigenous communities in Washington State, with a focus on uplifting Black trans women and femmes.

Their core legal programs include:

  • Free Legal Advice Consultations
    Black and Indigenous community members can call Lavender Rights Project with any legal issue. They offer free legal advice on LGBTQ+ and race discrimination issues, referrals, expungements, and navigation around former convictions and current incarceration issues including legal financial obligations, identification, gender identity documents, hearing support, and more. While their team prioritizes Black trans femmes, they serve the entire Black community.
  • Issue-Based Legal Clinics
    Hosts regular legal clinics on urgent issues facing Black & Indigenous trans communities, including matters related to decriminalization. 
  • Direct Legal Representation
    Offers Direct Legal Representation for Black and Indigenous community members in areas such as expungements, legal financial obligations, consequences of arrests, pre-detention trial, bail issues, and more. LRP utilizes a Movement Lawyering Model which understands the ways the legal system produces harm, thus we seek to build collective power to transform such systems while empowering clients to be their own advocates. 
  • The Black Trans Legal Professionals Network (BTLPN)
    A peer-support space created to address the professional and personal needs of Black trans clients and attorneys, students, and legal professionals. This space is an opportunity to create mentorships, friendships, collaborations, and networks that help ensure that Black trans people are not only included but affirmed in the legal profession. Any attorneys, students, and legal professionals who identify as Black and transgender, non-binary, and/or gender diverse are welcome to be a part of the Network.

Lavender Rights Project is igniting change and inspiring us all with their important work and vision for a world where Black and Indigenous gender diverse communities are at the forefront of liberation and recognized for their power to build. To dive deeper into their impactful work in Housing Justice and Movement Building, visit

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