Launched: Vanguard HIV Policy Change-Makers Fellowship

March 14, 2024

Equality Federation Institute (EFI), empowered by ViiV Healthcare and our network of state-based LGBTQ+ advocacy partners, launched a bold pilot program this month: The Vanguard HIV Policy Change-Makers Fellowship!

Building on the years of HIV advocacy work EFI has done, we’ve designed a new program specifically for emerging leaders passionate about fighting for policies that will end HIV in the states.

For our 2024 cohort, we're partnering with amazing organizations like FreeState Justice in Maryland, Arkansas Black Gay Men's Forum, and BlaqOut in Missouri to create a powerful network of inaugural HIV policy fellows and peers.

This transformative 12-month journey equips future public health champions and leaders with the tools and connections to revolutionize HIV policy in their state. As a paid team member within an Equality Federation state-based LGBTQ+ advocacy partner organization, fellows will:

  • Uncover public health inequities by enhancing their abilities to identify emerging issues driving the HIV epidemic in marginalized communities informed by a comprehensive and intersectional knowledge of LGBTQ+ and HIV history.  
  • Forge solutions with impact by shaping powerful policy proposals that dismantle structural barriers and deliver lasting change in politically challenging states where there are public health policy advancement opportunities.
  • Navigate the political landscape by mastering the art of building alliances and identifying opportune moments to champion the public health policy and advocacy priorities of communities disproportionately impacted by HIV. 

More than a fellowship, this is a launchpad. Fellows will emerge ready to: 

  • Drive policy with authority with the professional experience of informing policy decisions with modern science and irrefutable data inclusive of experiences and leadership of people living with and most impacted by HIV.
  • Enhance HIV Policy Community Literacy with the professional experience of mobilizing and training LGBTQ+ friendly constituents on key policy and advocacy priorities that’ll better equip highly impacted communities’ ability to fight HIV in their states.
  • Shape a brighter future for their professional next steps while leaving a lasting impact on the trajectory of the HIV epidemic.

Together, we’re going to make history and end the HIV epidemic, one policy change at a time! 

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