<2017 Annual Report

Equality Federation’s conferences, convenings, and trainings provide an extraordinary opportunity for member organizations to learn from and support each other.

Half the states in the country are represented at our West by Midwest and Southern Leadership Summits. These convenings focus on the challenges facing the South, Midwest and Mountain West states, and help us build regionwide infrastructure and strategy.


In recent years, we’ve held convenings in Atlanta, Tampa, Chicago, and St. Louis.

This year, 214 movement leaders attended our 20th Annual Leadership Conference, held in Alexandria, Virginia. Racial justice and the many ways our movements intersect took center stage, elevating the power of our stories like never before. Topics covered at our plenary sessions, workshops, and our famous 5-minute FEDtalks (See videos below!) included HIV, racial justice, banning conversion therapy, winning at the ballot box, gender nonbinary issues, and so much more.

A moment that illustrated the power of our unity and inspired us for the rest of the weekend happened on the first day of the conference when the President announced his intention to ban transgender people from the military.

Within minutes, every state organization signed a statement featuring the stories of transgender veterans.

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Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder is the Director of Communications for Equality Federation, and he wishes you a wonderful day. Please share this post with your friends and family.

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