Sam Carrington (right) tells his coming out story at LYFT and reveals the new policy!

Equality Federation has been proud to partner with Lyft since last year, and a new announcement from the company reinforces why we value them as a business leader in inclusivity.

Lyft’s new Gender Inclusion & Affirmation Policy sets a high bar for workplace equality, and can be a model for other companies to borrow from. Created by members of Lyft’s LGBTQ employee resource group, LyftOUT, the new policy lays out comprehensive protections and benefits for Lyft employees in a clear and courageous way.

“The policy exists to ensure the safety, comfort, and healthy development of transgender or gender non-conforming team members while maximizing their workplace integration,” says policy author Sam Carrington, a Service Design Manager at Lyft Headquarters. “Transgender people face serious risks and discrimination in today’s world. This policy is about taking concrete steps to change that.”

The following principles lie at the core of the policy (full version available here):

  1. You know your Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Sexual Identity
  2. Lyft supports and encourages you whether you keep that private or make it public
  3. If you transition while you work here, Lyft will provide resources to help you make a plan that works for you
  4. Transition-related care is medically necessary

We applaud Lyft for taking a front seat approach to LGBTQ equality, and encourage other companies to do the same.

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Mark Snyder

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