Tonight President Trump announced Neil Gorsuch, a judge of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, as his nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States.

Mr. Gorsuch has a troubling record:

  1. He sided with Hobby Lobby in the Supreme Court ruling that not only gave corporations the right to decide, based on the employers’ religious beliefs, whether women have access to affordable birth control but also opened the door for other types of discrimination.
  2. He was enthusiastically endorsed by anti-LGBTQ activists including the co-founder of the National Organization on Marriage, the leaders of the Alliance Defending Freedom which launches anti-LGBTQ lawsuits, and Kelly Shackelford, president a Texas-based anti-LGBTQ group First Liberty.

Please click here to contact your Senators and ask them to block Mr. Gorsuch’s confirmation.

In solidarity,

Rebecca Isaacs

Executive Director

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Mark Snyder

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