As lawmakers who oppose fairness for LGBTQ Americans launch their wave of discriminatory bills – from Texas to Washington –  in the 2017 session, they often argue that they promoting their legislation in the name of safety for women and children who could be a risk of assault.

In 2016 over 250 sexual assault, domestic violence, and women’s organizations led by the National Task Force to End Sexual and  Domestic Violence Against Women came out against anti-transgender bathroom ban laws in a powerful open letter.

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This month, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault came out strongly against Lt. Governor Patrick’s bathroom ban proposal, calling out attempts by some lawmakers to falsely frame it as necessary for public safety. The organization, in a statement condemning the measure, noted that forcing transgender people into facilities that were inconsistent with their gender identity endangers their safety. The organization went on: “We strongly encourage lawmakers concerned about public safety to concentrate time and resources on evidence-based supports for survivors, especially those among our most vulnerable populations.”

Laws are already in place all across the nation to prevent or address assault and other misbehavior in restrooms and all public places, and over 200 cities and towns across the nation have nondiscrimination protections in place and have found no increase in such incidents. Sexual assault and domestic violence groups agree, banning transgender people from using the restrooms that match the gender they live every day does not keep anyone safer and in fact, by singling out transgender people, puts some of the most vulnerable people in our communities at further risk for harassment and discrimination.



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Mark Snyder

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