Last year Federation member Freedom Oklahoma led the defeat of 27 anti-LGBTQ bills, and this year they are ready to continue their winning streak on behalf of every Oklahoman who values fairness and equality for all. Earlier this week, they hosted 150 people interested in advocating for equality.

On Monday January 30th, the organization held a press conference featuring speakers from faith and civil rights communities and Equality Federation’s Amanda McLain-Snipes, who lives Oklahoma. Currently, a small group of legislators are promoting at least 8 ┬ápieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation.

The far-reaching discriminatory bills in Oklahoma include a proposal restricting transgender people from using school facilities that match their gender identity; numerous pieces of legislation attempting to undermine marriage equality; legislation targeting LGBTQ youth; and proposals aimed at authorizing individuals, businesses, and taxpayer-funded agencies to refuse goods or services to LGBTQ people under the guise of religion.

Watch the entire press event:

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Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder is the Director of Communications for Equality Federation, and he wishes you a wonderful day. Please share this post with your friends and family.

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