Summer of Action has kicked off in Phoenix, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Cleveland! Over the next three weeks we will have thousands of conversations about nondiscrimination with people on their front porches and on the phone!

The project is a collaboration between Equality Federation, Freedom for All Americans, and the Movement Advance Project, as well as our state partners: Georgia Equality, Equality Ohio, Equality Florida, Equality Arizona and One Community Arizona. Coalition partners at the Human Rights Campaign, the LA Leadership LAB, and SAVE are also supporting the program.

The Summer of Action is inspired by the fact that in our country, right now, Americans are more than ever becoming familiar with transgender people and why no one should face discrimination for being who they are. Many people are learning about these issues for the first time—meaning it’s an important time to make sure they have the facts about who transgender people are and how the law affects them.

The project will rely on volunteers to blanket individual communities and have one-on-one conversations about transgender equality. By the end of the summer, the hope is that these volunteers will have had thousands of conversations about why updating our nondiscrimination laws to include gay and transgender people is so important. Those conversations, happening at a neighborhood-level, are the key to driving a better nationwide understanding about why transgender people should not face discrimination on the job, in any public space, or while simply trying to use the restroom.

Volunteers are critical to this mission. Equality Federation and our local partners are still recruiting, and we’d be excited to have more people join our team. Click here to sign-up!

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Fran Hutchins

Fran works on the ground with state leaders to plan, hire great people, develop leaders, and grow and strengthen our movement organizations.

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