repealhb2Equality Federation continues to call upon North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and the legislature to repeal House Bill 2 (HB 2), one of the most extreme anti-LGBT laws in the country. The Governor’s executive order purports to create protections in public employment for gay and transgender North Carolinians but does not repeal the law or provide comprehensive nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people in housing, public spaces, and so on. The law still bans cities from passing inclusive nondiscrimination protections, prevents transgender people from accessing appropriate bathrooms, and prevents all workers from suing in state court for race, gender, and religious discrimination.

Equality Federation’s Director of Leadership Programs, who lives in North Carolina said, “With people across the state and nation speaking out against North Carolina’s radical House Bill 2, Governor McCrory is hearing loud and clear that it cannot stand. Today’s executive order shows he’s feeling the pressure, but limited protections for state workers won’t solve the problem. Repealing all of HB2 and passing comprehensive nondiscrimination protections is the only way to restore the states damaged reputation.”

Equality Federation member Equality North Carolina’s Executive Director Chris Sgro said in a joint statement with HRC:

While Governor McCrory’s Executive Order purports to create vital protections in public employment on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, it does not address the deep concerns we share with members of the business community and citizens across the state about the damaging impact of HB2. In fact, the order doubles down on the Governor’s support for some of the most problematic provisions of HB2.
Workplace protections are a vital first step in getting serious about fighting discrimination across North Carolina. If the Governor is truly committed to non-discrimination and and wants to undo the harms done by House Bill 2, this is just the beginning of the conversation. We seek full repeal of HB2 in the short session.
Equality Federation continues to work with Equality North Carolina and other partners to push for repeal of the discriminatory law while educating the public about the importance of complete nondiscrimination protections so that all North Carolinians can have a fair opportunity to thrive.

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Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder is the Director of Communications for Equality Federation, and he wishes you a wonderful day. Please share this post with your friends and family.

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