Dangerous Precedent Avoided

Governor Daugaard of South Dakota has vetoed discriminatory legislation that would have prevented transgender students from using the facilities that match the gender they live every day.

“Thank you Governor Daugaard for meeting with transgender people to see through their eyes that they are our friends, family, and neighbors, worthy of the same fair treatment and dignity as everyone else,” said Rebecca Isaacs, Executive Director of Equality Federation. “The more people get to know about the real lives of transgender people, the more empathy prevails. All students, including transgender students, should be able to fully participate and have a fair opportunity to thrive in school.”


I respectfully return to you House Bill 1008, with my VETO.

House Bill 1008 does not address any pressing issue concerning the school districts of South Dakota.  As policymakers in South Dakota, we often recite that the best government is the government closest to the people.  Local school districts can, and have, made necessary restroom and locker room accommodations that serve the best interests of all students, regardless of biological sex or gender identity.

Equality Federation is tracking dozens of anti-transgender bills across the nation, and this would have been the first one signed into law setting a dangerous, discriminatory precedent for the state’s transgender students. Leading up to today’s victory, Equality Federation worked closely with Equality South Dakota and our other partners to educate the Governor and the public about transgender people and their families.

rebecca-SMALLThe Time Is Now: Standing Up for Transgender Equality
A Message to Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People
By Rebecca Isaacs, Equality Federation

Transgender people, particularly transgender women of color, have long been at the front lines of our collective movement for equality. From the Stonewall riots to the Prop 8 protests, our transgender brothers and sisters have stood by the lesbian, gay and bisexual community even when their needs were not being addressed with the vigor they so justly deserved. Never in our history have we had a more opportune moment, a more vital moment, to stand together as one community. Read more at HuffingtonPost>


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Mark Snyder

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