Today is the Transgender Day of Remembrance honoring the transgender people we’ve lost, often due to violence. This year, at least 23 transgender women were murdered in the United States and 81 worldwide. News outlets are reporting this to be the worst on record. Click here to see the international list of those we’ve lost and find a memorial/celebration of life near you.

While social media sharing is not enough – we encourage you to get involved in your community to make it safer for transgender people, especially transgender women of color – here are some of our favorite inspirational pieces of content this year:


  1. Equality Federation’s Infographic. Click here to share on Facebook.

2. VIDEO: Mothers Talk About Their Trans Children (HRC)

3. VIDEO:  Transgender People Talk about TDOR (BUZZFEED)

4. Tweet: President Obama (via NCTE)

5. Tweet: Hillary Clinton

6. Tweet: Bernie Sanders

7. These gorgeous posters in collaboration with Strong Families for Transgender RESILIENCE!

8 trans and gender non-conforming artists paired with 8 trans justice organizations to reimagine a world beyond survival…

Posted by Strong Families on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

8. All the #tdor tweets from the State-Based LGBTQ Movement!

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Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder is the Director of Communications for Equality Federation, and he wishes you a wonderful day. Please share this post with your friends and family.

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