Chris Hartman, Executive Director of Fairness Campaign, an Equality Federation member, was one of the activists arrested in August while peacefully demonstrating at the Kentucky Farm Bureau’s annual Country Ham Breakfast due to the company’s longstanding anti-LGBT lobbying. This week, Hartman and fellow activists Carla Wallace and Sonja De Vries had their charges (which should never have been pressed) dropped.

Hartman told Equality Federation:

We are proud to have stood against the Kentucky Farm Bureau’s discriminatory policies, which are anti-lgbt, anti union, anti-choice, and pro death penalty, and we’re glad the prosecution agreed we did nothing to violate the law. The Kentucky Farm Bureau was so scared that people would learn of their discriminatory policies that they had us dragged out in handcuffs for a silent protest, violating our constitutional rights. We will now likely seek civil suits to vindicate those rights.

ABC News Reported: 

The Jefferson County Attorney’s Office asked a judge Thursday to dismiss the charges against all three. Assistant County Attorney J.P. Ward told the judge his office has reviewed video footage of the event, interviewed witnesses and consulted law enforcement. The office concluded it would be unlikely to secure a conviction against them.

“Further, the commonwealth being cognizant that is has not only a duty to prosecute criminal acts, but also to act ethically and fairly with regard to anyone charged with such an act,” Ward wrote in his motion to dismiss the case.




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Mark Snyder

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