It’s almost that time of year again – time for the final big push and pull for donations. While reaching your year end goals may feel out of reach and loom on the horizon, fear not. Remember that many people wait until the last minute to make their giving decisions, and it is our job to help guide them to making the right one – to give to our LGBTQ groups! Below, I’ve selected 4 great resources that will inspire you to to blow it out of the park.

  1. 7 Tips For Writing Year End Fundraising Letters
  2. Infographic: End-of-Year-Fundraising Campaign Planning
  3. Year-End Fundraising Tips and Tricks 
  4. 8 Holiday Fundraising Tips
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Matthew McClellan

Matthew is the Director of Development for Equality Federation. He encourages you to click the red donate button at the top of this website and give what you can to support winning equality in communities we call home!

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