For many young people, the first education they receive regarding their sexuality and sexual health is in school. It is critical, especially for LGBTQ youth, that this education is comprehensive, and addresses the needs of all young people. But the education these students receive –or don't receive– varies across the country and depends on many factors. One of these key factors is state legislation. 

The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) recently released a first of its kind report that details analysis of policy provisions introduced in state legislatures related to sexuality education. 2015 Sex Ed State Legislative Round-Up: Overview of Activity Across the Country highlights key takeaways, enacted legislation, and common provisions within legislative topic areas for the 2015 state legislative session.

Highlights of the report include :

  • 163 bills related to school-based sexuality education were introduced in 40 states.
  • Sexual violence prevention, instruction requirements, and safe schools/bullying prevention were the most common legislative topics introduced related to sexuality education.
  • 11 states enacted 13 laws to related to sexuality education. Of these, 12 new laws advance sexuality education and only 1 new law restricts sexuality education.
  • The vast majority of introduced (74%) or enacted (92%) bills contained provisions to advance sexuality education in their respective states.

Read the full report below, or download it here to see how your state compares to others.

For more information or assistance on how to utilize the 2015 Sex Ed State Legislative Round-Up to support quality comprehensive sexuality education in your state or community, please contact Kristina Romines, Policy and Communications Associate, at


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Jenn Curtin

Jenn is the Program Associate at Equality Federation. In her role, she strengthens our major donor program, assists the communications team in the implementation of digital media programs and provides support to the board as board liaison.

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