Your supporter list in Salsa is one of your organization’s greatest assets. It’s the people who care about the work you do, who give you their time, who contribute their dollars — all to support your efforts to win equality. 

Keeping this list up-to-date and accurate supports all of your work — from communications to development to organizing.

One of the simplest things you can do for your list is to get rid of duplicate versions of supporter information. Duplicates happen when supporters sign up with different information (including email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) and/or when you upload differing supporter information from other sources, like a field organizer’s sign-up sheet or another database.

Deduplicating your lists is an easy five step process in Salsa.

Step One: Once you’re signed into Salsa, click the Supporter link on the right side of your Dashboard.

Step Two: Under the Manage Supporter menu (also on the right), select Deduplicate Supporters.

Step Three: On the page that opens up, you’ll see a list of fields that you can use to identify duplicate records. Selecting First Name and Last Name will pull every record that has these two fields in common. Next, choose how many records you want to pull at one time. You can choose to do individual or batch deduplications. (If this is your first time, use individual so you can review each case.)

Step Four: Choose the most up-to-date or accurate record as the primary. Secondary record information will be merged into the overall supporter record. Ignoring a record will delete it from your supporter history. Think before you toss data away.

Step Five: Click the Merge These Duplicates button, and you’re done.

If you have more questions about managing your supporters or Salsa, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm happy to help. Just get in touch by email:

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