Despite the significant advances that have been made to win marriage for same-sex couples, a majority of states in this country still lack basic protections for LGBT people in employment, housing, and public accommodations. At the Equality Federation, we're working to change that.

Currently, our nondiscrimination team, led by Roey Thorpe and Anne Stanback, works to support efforts to ban discrimination at both the local and state level. Over the past many months, we've charted a course and created a plan for building support for nondiscrimination policy change in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Now we're expanding this critical work and adding to our team so that we can partner with more state-based organizations to win in every corner of the country.

We're looking for a program manager who will assess the needs of advocacy groups and assist in the development of resources for activists nationwide.  This full-time staffer can be based anywhere in the country and will serve as a point person to connect state leaders with appropriate national staff and resources.

From messaging challenges to legal guidance to strategic planning, we know that state leaders have a variety of needs when advocating for local and statewide nondiscrimination policies. We're counting on our new program manager to help us meet those needs so that our state-based organizations have the tools, resources, and expertise that's necessary to build support and win.

Click here to review the job description and share it with qualified candidates who want to join the Federation team.

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Rebecca Isaacs

Executive Director at Equality Federation
Since 2011, Rebecca Isaacs has been the Executive Director of the Equality Federation, the strategic partner to state-based organizations winning equality in the communities we call home.

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