In the course of just one month, our movement has charged forward — winning marriage for same-sex couples in three more states. Like many of you, I’m in awe of what has happened in just a matter of weeks.

October 12, 2013

The freedom to marry comes to New Jersey once and for all as Governor Chris Christie withdraws his appeal of a State Supreme Court ruling extending marriage to same-sex couples.

Win number 14.

Troy Stevenson, Executive Director of Garden State Equality, was the face of the fight for marriage equality in New Jersey. As his behind-the-scenes support team, we were grateful to have the opportunity to help him bring the freedom to marry to thousands of Garden State families.

"The Equality Federation's support and guidance was invaluable in every victory we have achieved. At every step in the process, you stood by us, advocated for us, and provided the tools and expertise that no statewide equality organization could garner alone. The Equality Federation is a true partner and has the eternal gratitude of everyone in the Garden State."

November 5, 2013

The Illinois House passes the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act in a 61-54 vote, following Senate passage in February. Governor Quinn has scheduled the bill signing for November 20.

Win number 15.

At the Federation, we’re proud to partner with Equality Illinois to make change in the Land of Lincoln, and we’re thrilled that our partnership is leading to major successes. According to CEO Bernard Cherkasov:

"Equality Federation is where we turn to strategize with our peers, learn lessons from past marriage campaigns, and build the infrastructure that enables us to succeed. That is an invaluable service, and we could not succeed in our mission without the Federation's support."

November 12, 2013

After a 20 year journey, Hawaii legislators approved a bill allowing all committed couples to share in the freedom to marry. Governor Abercrombie called the special session to debate the bill and has pledged to sign it into law.

Win number 16.

When we reached out to Don Bentz, Executive Director of Equality Hawaii, to congratulate him on this huge victory, he kindly shared these words:

“I'm glad the child you helped deliver (Equality Hawaii) is bringing joy to one of our mothers. Many toasts of gratitude to the entire Equality Federation team for all its guidance. Your team's nurturing hands are all over this historic time for Hawaii!”

I can’t predict which state will be next to win marriage equality. State and national organizations are charging ahead with unstoppable momentum.

From New Mexico to Pennsylvania, promising cases are winding their way through the courts. In Oregon, Basic Rights Oregon and their partners are preparing for the 2014 ballot. In Colorado, One Colorado and advocates are touring the state to lay the groundwork and chart a path to win the freedom to marry in the Centennial State. 

Even as our movement marches forward and gets closer to the next big win, we have much to celebrate. Congratulations and thank you to the state leaders and national partners who are working every day to create these historic moments.

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Rebecca Isaacs

Executive Director at Equality Federation
Since 2011, Rebecca Isaacs has been the Executive Director of the Equality Federation, the strategic partner to state-based organizations winning equality in the communities we call home.

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