HRC's Municipal Equality Index rates selected municipalities by their laws, policies, and services affecting LGBT people. Starting in 2012 with a snapshot of 137 cities in 50 states, the 2013 Index adds 150 more locations to their report. The Equality Federation Institute and the Victory Fund are joint partners in this project.

The Municipal Equality Index (MEI), is the first nationwide evaluation of municipal laws affecting the LGBT community.  It examines the laws, policies, and services of municipalities from every state in the country and rates them on the basis of their inclusivity of LGBT people who live and work in those cities.  The MEI criteria fall under six broad categories: non-discrimination laws; relationship recognition; the municipality’s employment practices; the inclusiveness of city services; law enforcement; and municipal leadership for equality. The MEI highlights the dedication to equality demonstrated by some cities and provides a blueprint for municipal equality for cities whose laws and policies need improvement.

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