The Equality Federation works to build the strengths of state-based LGBT organizations and to ensure that our national movement incorporates the expertise and deep local knowledge of our community-based leaders.

To be approved for membership, all Federation applicants must meet the following six criteria:

  1. Member organizations must have a central mission of winning equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in their state.
  2. Members should be working for statewide policy change. Groups working solely on municipal, county, university, or regional change – especially when not connected to a statewide strategy – are not qualified for membership. An organization''s statewide mission must be reflected in its mission Statement, bylaws, or articles of incorporation.
  3. Members must be non-partisan. For example, chapters of Stonewall Democrats or Log Cabin Republicans cannot join the Federation. Any statewide LGBT PAC that seeks to only benefit one party is also not eligible to join.
  4. Members must be independent. Organizations cannot operate as chapters of a national organization, such as PFLAG, GLSEN, or an HRC Steering Committee.  State offices or branches of national organizations, such as the ACLU or American Friends Service Committee are not qualified for membership.
  5. Members must have a central mission to do advocacy work to benefit the LGBT community. Preference is strongly given to groups that do legislative work. Statewide legal or public education groups may apply, especially if there is no existing lobbying group or PAC in your state.
  6. Member organizations must have a governing board and be incorporated or planning to incorporate. Clubs, coffee klatches, meet-ups and other loosely knit groups are not qualified for membership.

Annual Membership Dues

Dues are .75% of the member’s combined 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), and PAC budgets. Minimum dues are $200; maximum dues are $3500 per year.

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